Leading Smart

Leading Smart

Hosted by: Chris Williams

The show about Managing in the Brainpower Age. A field guide to the joys and challenges of leading and working in the modern workplace. Chris Williams is your guide to the stories and ideas that will inspire you to be...


Pulling the Plug

Season #1 Episode #19

The fourth episode on firing, this time for the hard part: actually firing someone. We explore the do’s and don’ts of firing an individual. How it’s so easy to do it badly, and what it takes to do it right. This time,...
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Season Two

Season #1 Episode #20

A short announcement about the exciting changes and additional voices coming to Leading Smart with Season Two. It starts in just a couple of weeks, with a new look, new music, and lots of great conversations with...
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Trading Places

Season #1 Episode #18

In this third episode on firing, we ask a lot of questions. When is performance bad enough to cut your losses? When is a superstar worth having around? What is it about attitude that answers the question? Time to...
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Bottom Feeder

Season #1 Episode #17

The exploration into firing continues with a look at the low end. What is magical about the bottom ten percent? How does stack ranking cheat some people out of a good performance review? What exactly is poor...
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Season #1 Episode #16

This episode begins a multipart series on firing, on when and how to let go. The exploration starts with that special person, the amazing performer who appears to be the cornerstone of your project. The Superstar....
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Hocus Focus

Season #1 Episode #14

In the final episode on visions, we take a look at how to use your well-crafted vision. And explore how overheard conversations provide a window into the impact a great vision can have on team effectiveness. More...
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Remote Control

Season #1 Episode #15

This is a special episode prompted by the Stay at Home orders due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this episode we explore the movement from centralized headquarters to remote work. And offer several tips and best...
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Mark My Words

Season #1 Episode #13

Why words matter, especially words you use for your mission and vision. We also explore how wasting words is an easy trap to fall into. In this third episode in the series on vision, we show how to craft a clear,...
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Clear View

Season #1 Episode #12

How the greatest business failure of the 20th Century was largely caused by the lack of a good vision. And how success lies in the framework of Mission, Vision, Strategy, and Tactics. This second episode on vision...
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2020 Hindsight

Season #1 Episode #11

A clear, crisp vision is the foundation for a successful project, especially one that involves brainpower workers. And a project with a poor, or no, vision is almost guaranteed to flounder. This episode begins a...
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Soft Landing

Season #1 Episode #10

Once you’ve decided on that great candidate, the next challenge is convincing them to take the job. Brainpower workers want more than just a paycheck and that makes this much more difficult. In this episode we explore...
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Fits and Starts

Season #1 Episode #9

One of the challenges of hiring brainpower workers is finding that “perfect fit”. But often when you do, that’s when you should start to worry. In this episode we explore why the perfect fit often isn’t and explore...
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